Re-manufactured Compressors shipped to Central & South America

FEATUREING A-1 Compressor

A-1 Compressor offers the best remanufactured Copeland, Carrier and Trane Refrigeration and Air Conditioning compressors available in the market place. When you purchase an A-1 remanufactured compressor you receive the benefits of the A-1 Advantage.
Quality at the very start

After the total disassembly and cleaning of incoming compressors, all parts are closely inspected

Strict Requalification

Expert technicians calibrate each part to fit within strict OEM-level and ICRA tolerances

New critical components

Every A-1 Compressor gets: New bearings, rods, valve reeds, cylinder ringsgaskets

Quality-controlled remaunufacturing

A-1 Compressor remanufacturing is under continuous improvement and constant executive-level scrutiny